Quarter Century

Quarter Century.

This year is a big year for a lot of me and my friends. The reason being  because many of us were turning 25 (our quarter century)! One of my friends who had a relatively earlier birthday in the year was especially special as it also happened to be her champagne birthday. For those who don't know what that is, a champagne birthday is the one year in your life where your age is the same as your birthday. In my friends case, she turned 25 on April 25th. So for her birthday, her best friend decided to throw her an exclusive girl's only party (I was an exception since I was the photographer).


For her birthday, I got her this box of candies. Apparently it's really popular among girls and she really likes these specific kinds. The girls were gracious enough to let me try some, they were pretty good. Sugarfina is definitely on the higher end of brands for candy though (aka it was pretty pricey for the amount you get).


Of course with any champagne birthday, there had to be champagne.


After the girls had all their fun, it was time to switch up the venues. We went to Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar where we were joined by the rest of the crew (and the guys still didn't manage to get in on the pictures).