the moment

The First Proposal.

About a couple weeks back one of my best friend’s boyfriend (let’s call him Jon Chan, that was his secret name during the whole mission) met up with us to discuss about plans for my friend’s 25th birthday (which knowing her and her family, was going to be BIG). Little did we know we were about to plan something much, much bigger and important. We were told that the Jon Chan planned to propose at the new love locks statues in Queen Elizabeth park on October 1st. This was of course very exciting for us as it would be the first proposal to happen within our circle of friends. And that was the beginning of two very stressful and sneaky weeks in our lives.

In order to get the bride-to-be (let’s call her Kathy) to the place, we organized a group “photo shoot” (my friends loved taking photos) where it would be our last chance to get in a couple of nice photos before Vancouver turned to Raincouver as the seasons turned colder and wetter. My job was going to basically play photographer, slowly lead Kathy and the group through a pre-planned route towards the statues and finally capture the beautiful moment, in all its emotional-ness. Personally, I thought I had one of the hardest jobs as I had to act during this whole process knowing what was about to come up ahead. Nonetheless, I managed to get some nice “decoy” pictures out of all this.

Leading up to the proposal, we had to meet up for rehearsals and scope out the location and venue. We were very meticulous with all details — making sure we had multiple contingency plans, especially because there was a high chance it was going to rain that day. So for two weeks, we lived in fear that Kathy was going to be on to us as we all knew she was a very observant person. There were even a few scares where she had, one girls’ night, spontaneously talked about what she wanted for her wedding center pieces and that if Jon was planning on proposing, she’d be able to tell *suspiciously glares at the girls*.


rehearsal_engagement img_9997

Luckily we had made it to the morning of and it was go time. We had our morning huddle at our setup base where we had all the balloons, staging, and everything ready.


In the end, the mission was a 100% success. Kathy had completely no idea because everything had gone SO smooth.