The City of Angels.

For our grad trip, my besties and I chose to go to Los Angeles, the City of Angels. It was very exciting as none of us have ever gone and we already had a lot planned ahead of us. As we wait eagerly at the Bellingham airport ready to board, we had to take one obligatory pre-trip selfie.

waiting for flight

We finally landed in the City of Angels safe and sound. After we picked up our rental car, the first thing on our itinerary was hitting up the famous Hollywood Blvd.

Another landmark that we thought we couldn’t miss was the Griffith Observatory. Thinking back, I’m actually not sure why we didn’t decide to go at night…when the stars were out. So we ended up just taking more pictures of ourselves.

One of the main highlights was probably going to Universal Studios and Six Flags. We only had time to go to two parks so we decided to skip Disneyland as it was the less thrilling of the three. All of us were very into roller-coasters so it only made sense.

Universal_1 Sixflags

Of course, we made sure to try all the different foods including the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs (and waffles).

By the fifth day we were pretty much all “travelled out” so we wanted to just plan some more relaxing activities. One of the things I really wanted to visit (after watching No Strings Attached actually…) was the MoMA exhibit with all the street lamps. There were so many people there but we managed to get a couple of good shots.


On our last day, we drove down south and hit up Santa Monica.


SantaMonica3     SantaMonica1     SantaMonica2


Overall, I thought it was a great trip. It was a good mix of eating, thrilling activities, and relaxing ones. And to be honest, given this group, I was surprised by how smooth everything went.

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  1. I loved all the photos. I miss the sun (its raining here again) and I can almost feel the warmth just looking at the photos! I wish!

    Anyways, it sounds like an awesome trip. I like how you mixed up different type of activities – from theme parks to a little bit of art. It looks like you got the most out of your visit.

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